Kurio 7s Ultimate Android Tablet for Families Review

Are you tired of your kids borrowing your tablet and possibly damaging it?  Well, how about getting them their own kids tablet made by Kurio.  The best selling Android tablet Kurio has released their brand new Kurio 7s tablet that comes with more functions and features that parents and their kids will enjoy.  There is a TV deal currently going on that allows customers to take advantage of an affordable monthly payment plan consisting of 3 payments of $49.99 for a new Kurio 7s.

The Kurio 7s unit allows kids to play, learn, and discover.  They can play games, listen to music, surf the web safely, read e-books, utilize over 60 pre-loaded apps, and much more.  The tablet is very kid-friendly but also allows parents the option to put conditions on what types of sites their kid’s surf, how long they can use the device, set passwords, etc.

Highlights of the Kurio 7s

  • Built in parental controls (select age appropriate apps, create additional profiles, choose internet filters, setup time limits)
  • 60 pre-loaded apps
  • Comes with a Disney section
  • Complete learning system
  • Dozens of ebooks
  • Access to 300,000 apps
  • Multi-core processor and HD screen
  • Protective silicon bumper
  • 2 built-in cameras

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