Learn New Recipes for Your NuWave PIC

Have you recently purchased a NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop?  Would you like to take advantage of your purchase by becoming a member of the Precision Cooking Club?  Joining the club is one of the best things a new customer can do to help them master using their new cooktop and having access to hundreds of recipes to get you started on the right track.  The Cooking Club is a valuable resource for anyone who owns a PIC.

When you visit the site instantly you can see the cooking opportunities that are just waiting for you.  There are videos and recipes for nearly every type of breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu you can think of.  Each recipe that is shared on the site comes with complete instruction along with comments from people who have tried the recipe.  They give honest feedback so when you decide to try a recipe you will know what to expect.

The site is broken down into categories so depending on your preference you can scroll down the list of items and select your interests.  Each dish has been graded using a 1 through 5 star system to help you quickly know if that dish is a favorite of others.  Some of the categories you can browse through are breakfast, appetizers, side dishes, stocks, grains, pasta, sauces, desserts, and soups.  There are also main course recipes and additional special dish recipes.

Customers who have already purchased a NuWave PIC can join the club FREE but will need to enter their PIC’s serial number for verification.  Anyone else who has not purchased a NuWave yet can still join the site under the 7 day guest pass.


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