Limited Time Offer on LG and Sony Smart Phones

T-Mobile is offering customers a limited time offer on their LG and Sony smart phones which lasts until December 10, 2013.  The deal is customers can sign up for T-Mobile’s Jump program right now for ZERO down, receive a $25 discount, and 24 monthly payments of $25.  The Jump Program allows customers to receive a new phone up to twice a year after completing the first 6 months first while only paying $25 per month.

The current deal is for LG and Sony phones which include the LG G2, LG Optimus F6, Sony Xperia Z, and T-Mobile myTouch.  Each phone is being offered for $0 down under this new deal.  The only stipulation under this deal is if phone services are cancelled the remaining balance on the phone.  Please remember the $25 monthly payment goes toward the phone costs and if you decide to cancel your services for whatever reason you will owe whatever T-Mobile’s retail cost of the phone is.

If you received a flyer or advertisement about this offer in the mail please refer to your local T-Mobile store (address is printed on the advertisement) for more details on how to get started.  This offer is not available in some areas so please get in contact with the address on the advertisement.


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