Login To Your KnowledgePanel Account

The KnowledgePanel member login site is the online web portal for KnowledgePanel members to login to their accounts to take part in completing online surveys.  The site requires members to enter their email address and password to gain access to their account.  Only individuals who have been invited into the program can become members.

If you are experiencing trouble logging in to your account because you’ve forgotten or misplaced your password then consider the self help options “Need help” or “Forgot your password.”  Both sections can help you with basic troubleshooting which may help get you into your account.  If their suggestions don’t help fix your problem then you may want to consider contacting a representative by phone or email.

The phone number to call a KnowledgePanel representative is 1-800-255-6878.  They can be contacted 7 days a week between the following hours.

Monday – Friday:  10am to midnight

Saturday:  12noon to 8pm

Sunday:  3pm to 11pm

They can also be reached via email at info@knowledgepanel.com.


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