Make A Payment to Bay Area Credit Service

If you’ve recently received a letter in the mail from Bay Area Credit Service concerning a past debt you owe payments towards your debt can be made online at the BACS online payment portal.  Currently payments can be made using VISA, MasterCard, or Discover.  If you are in agreement with the balanced owed please consider making a payment today to fully resolve your debt.

For most debtors the principal balance on your debt has been substantially reduced because it’s in default and is an old debt.  BACS is willing to assist you with resolving this matter in a timely fashion so your account will be finally settled.  If you have questions on the balance owed please feel free to contact Bay Area Credit Service and speak with a representative.  There are always options available to help you with closing out this old debt.

For debtors who cannot afford the one-time payoff amount that is proposed on your account balance a representative can help to reduce your payment and offer other payment options.  Depending on your financial situation you may be offered a monthly payment plan for a period of up to 24 months.  This idea may be more feasible to you so you can at least begin tackling this debt.

Please be reminded there is a deadline for responding to the debt letter you received and the offer that was initiated.  If you don’t respond by that deadline you will renege on the lower settlement offer and may not be offered that amount again.  Take the time to consider your options and if you have questions please speak with a representative to make some arrangements.



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