Make An Online Payment to Assurance America

Insurance customers of AssuranceAmerica can submit payments to their accounts using the online AssuranceAmerica payment service.  The online payment feature is a convenience to customers as they can make payments 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  There are also instructions on where to send payments to for customers who don’t want to use the online payment option.  Customers can find assistance for sending payments via telephone or mail.

AssuranceAmerica uses a third party payment processor ( to handle all online payments.  As you prepare to use the online payment feature you will need to register for an account.  The registration process only takes a few minutes but is helpful to streamline the payment process which afterwards all you will need to do is enter your User Name and Password that you will create to access your account and in a few clicks your payment can be completed.

All of your policy and payment information is stored inside your account which allows you easy access just in case you need to review your policy, payment history, transactions, or make changes.  Customers need to be aware that there is a small fee of $3.95 for using the online payment service.

The biggest advantage customers have with using the online service is payments are processed faster and are applied to your account typically the same day.  This is a big difference when compared to sending off your payment using the mail.  You have to account for mail travel time and the amount of time it takes for the payment department to receive your payment and apply it towards your account.



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