Manage Your Account and Make Online Payments

Nationwide Insurance customers can access their account online at the Nationwide Customer Center.  The site is a convenient way for customers to review all of their account information including their policies and plan coverages all stored within their secure online account.  Customers can make their payments via their online account as well as perform other functions such as print Identification cards and view any claims.

First-time users to the site who are interested in signing up for the service will need to complete the registration process which will completely setup your account for online access.  Please have handy your Nationwide account number which is needed during the registration process and you will need to create a username and password for ongoing access.

Regarding making payments once you are logged into your account you will need to select the My Payments tab at the Customer Center window which will provide a detailed viewing of your billing information.  It will show basic information such as your last payment including date and amount, current balance, minimum amount due, payment status, and payment history.

Options available for payment consist of automatic payments, manual monthly online payments, phone, and mail.  The automatic payments options is a great way to never forget to make your payment as your bill will be paid on the actual due date with the money drafting from your personal bank account.  Nationwide offers two types of Automatic Payments through the Customer Center which are Flex Chek and the Credit/Debit card option.

Customers who decide to pay manually on a monthly basis should consider there is a $5 service charge for using the online service.  This fee is assessed each time you make a manual payment which customers are encouraged to use the Flex Chek option or consider mailing in their payment.  Both of these options don’t have additional fees to pay.

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