More WiFi Hotspots for Xfinity Customers

Xfinity customers can now enjoy fast internet coverage when they leave their home through the new Xfinity Wifi service.  This new exclusive feature allows current customers to access the internet on their mobile device by connecting to the routers of other Xfinity customers utilizing their existing wireless gateway.  All of this can be done without sharing the customers password and will have no impact on the customers internet connection.   This new service expands Xfinity’s high speed internet service and is free to customers.

This new feature has its benefits as customers no longer have to worry about using their mobile broadband data plan but instead can locate the nearest Xfinity Wifi router in the area and connect to the internet from there.  With the shear number of Xfinity customers who already use high speed internet this will be a way for mobile broadband users to reduce their mobile data plans and save a few dollars per month on internet coverage.

Another benefit of this new Xfinity service is unlike mobile broadband coverage customers will not experience problems such as slow internet speeds due to the absence of 4G coverage, suddenly dropped coverage, penalties of slower speeds due to overuse, etc.  Any connection a customer makes with an Xfinity router provides them with the same speed and benefits of the home or business user.

The way this service will work is rather simply, here is a 4 step guideline to follow:

  1. Turn on Wifi on your mobile device
  2. Select “xfinitywifi” from the list of available networks
  3. Launch your browser
  4. Use your Comcast username and password to sign in

There is also an Xfinity Wifi App available for download through Google Play or the App Store that will find hotspots while you’re out and about.  To learn more about this service please click HERE.



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