NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband Internet Services

Nowadays it seems more and more people are carrying mobile devices and laptops everywhere they go.  The use of public wifi is only growing but there is a real danger with using public wifi which is the risk of identity theft and hackers.  Because of this growing problem many people are changing their minds about connecting to public wifi systems and are instead turning to their own secure internet services such as Netzero 4g Mobile Broadband.

Netzero allows customers who use their 4g broadband devices to become their very own hotspots.  You can carry around any of Netzero’s portable internet connection devices and access the world wide web instantly.  There is no need to search for a public wifi service anymore because you now have a secure internet connection.

The best thing about using Netzero is the service is much cheaper than their competitors.  They have plans that start around $10 per month.  You will not need to commit to a 2 year contract like most other mobile providers require.  You can simply pay month to month and cancel at anytime.

The only expense a customer needs to consider is the actual connection device.  Netzero offers a couple devices for 4g internet which are the USB modem that is priced at $24.98 and the 4g Hotspot which is $49.98.  Each device offers a secure connection and can be selected with any of the low cost monthly data plans.

Visit:  Netzero Hotspot Plans

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