Omni Hotels Employee Online Self Service

Employees of Omni Hotels can access their employee time, pay, and benefit information online via the Employee Self-Service web portal.  The online service is available for employee’s to use 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Once inside their personal account they can view their paycheck information, enter work hours, update their direct deposit information, view their W-2, and more.

The Self-Service site is a convenient way for employee’s to be more involved with their individual payroll record which simplifies the entire record keeping process for the company.  To login to their account each employee simply needs a username and password.  Once they’ve signed on they can view their entire payroll file including company benefits information and are allowed to make necessary changes.

With the online employee self-service site each employee has limited access to certain changes they are allowed to make and information they are allowed to view.  Their HR department has set limits to certain information they are not allowed to see but their payroll data including hours worked are readily available.  From the self-service portal employee’s can enter in their hours worked OR view their hours worked over a certain time period.  These are functions that are helpful when employees have questions or concerns about their time.

If an employee changes mailing addresses or possibly wants to add a dependent to his record, this information can easily be modified inside his account without the assistance of HR.  Any changes to their company benefits can also be updated especially during Open Enrollment.  Employee’s have the option to make many of their own changes inside their online account.



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