Orange Lake Resort Online Official Payments

The Orange Lake Resort Secure Payment Center is the online web portal for Orange Lake Resort members to make payments on their timeshare properties.  The site is very useful for members especially for the convenience of making payments.  It is a fast efficient way to process any payments that are due.  As long as you have your payment information recorded inside your account which typically is your personal bank account your payment will be debited from your bank account and the transaction only takes a few seconds.  For many members the site is their primary way of doing business.

For new users who have not registered at the site but would like to start using the online payment services please complete the short form on the payment page.  You will need to provide your account number, email address, and phone number.  You will also need to create a password that will be necessary to login to your new online account along with your email address.  Once you’ve successfully created your account you can take advantage of the online payment options.

There are a few options for payment that customers can choose from.  They can use the payment draft feature which will debit the payment from their bank account, pay via credit card, or setup automatic recurring payments so you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you made your payment this month.  Every payment is recorded in your account so you can review your account history at any time.

Other payment features for users via the Secure Payment Center is the ability to pay annual maintenance fees.  All of your fees can be transacted through your online account.  Any fees pertaining to replacing fixtures, repairing or replacing furniture, property updates, and others may fall under maintenance fees.


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  1. Gilberto Young

    I used my visa account on December 02, 2014 to pay my annual maintenance fee of $ 934.79 to the ORANGE LAKE AND COUNTRY CLUB on-line. As of today, I have not seen the charge in my visa account. Now I am wondering if there is a problem which can be resolved on-line…Please send instructions to my E mail as soon as possible….GILBERTO YOUNG

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