Order A Precision NuWave 2 Induction Cooktop

Are you ready to change the way you prepare meals in your kitchen?  One of the latest technological advances in cooking is the brand new Precision NuWave 2 Induction Cooktop that is taking the place of the traditional stove.  It’s a smarter way to cook that is a safer, faster, and more efficient cooking appliance that you will love.  Many of the worries you have with cooking on a stove are not a concern with this new appliance.

Some of the benefits of the PIC 2 are it heats up twice as fast as any other stove while taking up less space.  It’s a portable tabletop appliance that has so much versatility including using less energy up to 70% less.  If you need to set this appliance to a particular temperature you can use the Precise Temperature Control to configure the temperature all at the press of a button and it will maintain this temperature from beginning to end.

The most attractive feature about this product is its safety feature.  Through induction technology it takes very little time for this device to reach the right temperature to begin cooking.  It doesn’t require a flame to get started and no hot coils that you have to look out for.  The technology allows you to touch the surface any time and not get hurt.  It’s always cool to the touch and you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting burned.

The PIC 2 is small enough that it can be used anywhere to prepare a meal.  Take it wherever you go to heat up food or cook a meal from scratch.  Right now customers can take advantage of an exclusive offer to get two for the price of one.  You will also receive these bonus items:  cookbook, quick start cooking guide, instructional DVD, 1 year warranty, and VIP membership to the Precision Cooking Club.  All of this can be ordered for 3 payments of $33.33 along with shipping charges.


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