Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority Online Toll Pay

Travelers who have received an Unpaid Toll Notice for not paying a toll fee when passing through one of the toll booths in the Orlando-Orange County area can make a payment online at the Expressway Authority UTN Payment Site.  There is also the option to send in your payment via mail by using the payment slip on the Unpaid Toll Notice along with your check, credit card information, or money order.

For travelers who are E-PASS, SunPass, or LeeWay account holders the simple way to pay your upaid toll balance is to add money to your account.  When your account has available funds the unpaid toll fee will be deducted from your account.  It is necessary to contact the Customer Service Center, the contact details are on your notice, and speak with a representative to have your license plate updated.

At the payment site payers will need to have their citation notice number and license plate information handy.  Other basic instructions payers need to be aware of are more than one citation can be paid via the site and citations that have been sent to court cannot be paid online.  If you have an old citation that you may have lost or ignored please utilize the contact information on your notice to get assistance.

It is important that your citation is paid prior to the due date on your notice.  You want to make sure you don’t get penalized for not paying on time or not paying at all.  The penalty for unpaid tolls can be your registration placed on hold until you’ve made your citation payment.




  1. John H. Stevens

    I am of the opiunion we have paid this and you have the miney in the bank.,
    Paid check #10701 made out to FDOT for $7.00
    Memo: 29777807 ( Your invoice #)
    Was paid on 3/3/15 – cleared our bank on 4/9/15.
    I am unaware of any other possible errors at toll booths.
    Please respond.


  2. Leandro Rodriguez

    On 2 of these there was a message on the screen where the coins are deposited that said “Pay and Go” I did that and still got a buzzer (alarm) no green light as if I hadn’t paid.

  3. Fedrick Edwards

    On this date I put the required amount of $1.50 and it was still showing red, I thought I had made a mistake with the coins so I put another quarter and when it still did not change I put yet another, total $2.00.
    After this I concluded that it was not working and drove through.

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