Oven Mittens for Hot Kitchen Surfaces

If you are like most people one of the biggest risks people take in their kitchen is reaching into their hot stove with the first thing they can find, normally a towel or dish rag to pull out a hot pan.  We all do it but know how unsafe it is especially when we don’t have the right complimentary tools handy.  To eliminate the risks of getting burned or dropping that towel in the oven and it accidentally catching on fire the Ove Glove Hot Surface Handler was created to protect us in the kitchen.

The Ove Glove is a heat resistant glove with non-slip silicone grip that is made to withstand 540 degrees Fahrenheit.  All you do is put the glove on when you want to reach in the stove and just grab hold of the pot or pan.  It’s that simple and there are no risks of accidentally getting burned.  You will have complete control of the pan especially with the grips to properly handle the pan and place it where you want it to go.

The glove can also be used for other uses around your home such as rearranging fireplace logs, changing light bulbs, cooking on your barbecue grill, and more.  Wherever there’s heat too hot for your hands to deal with you can use the Ove Glove to protect your hands and continue working.  It is made of Kevlar and is flame retardant so you don’t have to worry about the glove accidentally catching on fire.

It can be purchased online or in some major retail outlets.  To learn more about this product please visit the link HERE.


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