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Did you recently receive in the mail a debt collection statement from Vengroff Williams Inc stating you have a past due balance?  If so then consider making a one-time payment and eliminate that past debt by visiting the Vengroff Williams Online Payment Portal at  The online site is simple to use requiring you to enter a User ID and Password which is highlighted on your debt collection statement.

Once logged in you will notice there are 2 options for submitting a payment which is by bank draft or credit card.  The site will only accept Visa or MasterCard for payment by credit card.  Once you enter your payment information it may take up to 3 days to process your payment.  The only other feature available inside the payment portal is contact information for customers who have questions about their bill.

Before submitting any payments pertaining to the bill it is always a good idea to verify the bill first.  Speak with a representative of the company and verify which company the bill originated from to ensure it belongs to you.  If the one-time payoff balance is too high ask for payment arrangements.  Many times representatives are willing to work with you and break down your balance into affordable monthly payments if they know you are serious about taking care of your debts.

Once payment arrangements have been approved you will need to be strict with paying them accordingly because any missed payments may forfeit your terms and you could be forced into paying the entire balance.

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  1. Jay Dranch

    You people are the worst cunts I have had the unfortunateness to deal with in memory. A bill for $2.57 should never, ever be treated with aggressive collection techniques.
    The first invoice the lab sent stated I had ignored previous bills, which quite untrue, and then before I can turn around and settle the miniscule amount, it is sent to collection agency.
    I will deal with the lab as well, but for your part I think asking the NY State Attorney Generals Office about your aggressiveness is the next step.

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