Perfectly Cook Bacon in Your Microwave

Bacon is a popular breakfast food for many people in the mornings but making sure it is cooked well evenly from end to end without burning it or not cooking it well enough is always a challenge with our conventional methods.  The other problem with cooking bacon is the mess it creates with all the excess grease that runs off.  A new nifty product has been created called the Bacon Wave that literally cooks your bacon perfectly every time INSIDE YOUR MICROWAVE in minutes.

What makes Bacon Wave so unique is its design.  It is not a frying pan where you have to lay the bacon flat in order to cook it.  Bacon Wave has 14 individual slots that up to 14 pieces of bacon can be slid through.  Once you have slid your pieces of bacon through their slots you can then skewer the strips to hold them in place while cooking.  The next step is to simply place the Bacon Wave in the microwave and allow them to cook.

The best part about using the Bacon Wave is all the fat that is normally created when cooking bacon collects in the bottom of the tray and is easily disposed of after cooking.  You don’t have to worry about cooking your bacon in all the unhealthy grease anymore.  Another benefit of this product is your bacon doesn’t curl or break.  It is cooked to perfection and comes out straight and cooked evenly.

There is a limited time offer on ordering the new Bacon Wave product.  Customers who make a purchase will receive an Egg ‘N Omelet Wave for free.  You will receive all of this for a low price of $10.  To learn more about this exciting deal please visit the link below.



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