Pilates Power Gym Pro Reviews

If you are looking for the perfect home gym that will give you a great Pilates workout and maybe has the capacity to provide strength training as well, consider the Pilates Power Gym Pro for your home gym of choice.  There are two different styles of workout training that you will receive from this gym which are traditional resistance training and Pilates body sculpting.

This is great product for a couple who are looking for different results.  The male may want to build strength so it will provide results that he’s looking for in that area while the female is looking to tone up and trim away some fat which is where the Pilates comes in.  This is a great all-in-one machine that will give results for both male and female.

Pilates Power Gym Highlights

  • 2 different types of workouts in 1 machine
  • Provides 240 different weight tensions
  • 15 variable height elevations

Along with the Pilates Power Gym Pro you will also receive a push up bar, foot straps, workout DVD, beginner’s workout DVD, kick butt workout DVD, 6 week exercise plan and nutrition guide, resistance charts, owner’s manual, push up bar exercise guide, and warranty card.  The entire package is available with free shipping and a 30 day trial membership for $14.95 the first month then 6 monthly payments of $49.95 or $314.65 full price.


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