Quad-Cities Online Auction and Free Classifieds Review

Quad-Cities Online Auction and Free Classifieds site is an alternative place on the web for sellers to sell their stuff and buyers to find deals.  There are two ways items can be advertised on the site which are through an online auction or a classified ad.  Sellers can decide which option is best for them to sell their item while buyers and the typical site visitor can browse the categories of listings to see what types of deals are available.

Nearly anything can be sold on the Quad-Cities Online site as there are categories that encompass a wide variety of products.  Individuals or businesses who are trying to sell their services can utilize the Services section to drum up business.  Visitors will also find listings for apartments and houses on the site for rent or purchase.

The site is easy to use for visitors who are just browsing.  You can separate the items that are up for auction from the actual classifieds.  Each individual classified listing comes with a picture and brief description of the item along with the price and contact details of the seller.  Sellers will typically leave their email address or sometimes phone number to be contacted.

The auctions on the site are simple to understand as each item that is being auctioned includes the date the auction began and the date it will end.  You will notice the minimum bid which is the lowest price the seller will accept as well as the highest bid that has been received so far.  Visitors can place a bid by selecting the Place A Bid button which requires that you register for an account before actually putting in your bid.

The Quad-Cities Classifieds site is another way for anyone to sell items directly to others.  It may not be a heavily trafficked site like eBay or Craigslist but it can definitely work to anyone’s benefit especially for a deal seeker who can be the first one to spot a great deal and take advantage of it.  Bookmark the site and visit it from time to time to see what offerings are available.


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