Receive a Complimentary Recipe Collection from Weight Watchers

The spring time is here and what better way to kick off this time of the year than with a free gift designed to help you eat right and lose some unwanted pounds.  Weight Watchers has created a recipe collection that is filled with healthy nutritious meals which you can receive for free.  All you need to do is visit their Spring Flavor webpage and enter your email address.

The free Recipe Collection comes with 16 pages of helpful content.  The collection is broken into 6 categories which include 3 different types of Menu which are Family-Friendly Menu, Italian-Inspired Menu, and Steakhouse-Worthy Menu.  There is a Meals-in-One section, Snack Break, and Rise and Shine.  Each category comes with at least 3 different recipes that you are given step by step instruction on how to prepare each meal.

The meals come with the WW points plus value system that you can keep track of.  They show you what to eat and how to continue losing weight by simply choosing the right foods.  If you are interested in receiving this complimentary recipe collection please visit the link below.

Along with receiving the free recipe collection you will also start receiving in your email Weight Watchers newsletters providing tips and more recipes on a regular basis.  Be also on the lookout for special offers for WW products and services and if you are interested in signing up with WW you can use the free $8 worth of Meeting room product coupons that will be sent to you too.



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