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SiriusXM trial subscribers or who have been taking advantage of their free subscription can decide to continue their subscription beyond the trial period and receive access to SiriusXM beyond their car but also on their computer and mobile devices.  With All Access subscribers will receive all the premium programming channels as well as SiriusXM Internet Radio that is portable.

After subscribing for SiriusXM Internet Radio it is accessible by simply registering for an account and creating a username and password.  After you’ve registered for your login credentials you now have options to listen to Internet Radio on your laptop, smart phone, tablet, or online.  There are several features of XM Radio which subscribers will enjoy including the option to pause live radio, MYSXM, Start Now and TuneStart, enjoy more channels, etc.

Subscribers of All Access will also receive additional perks that come with the service including receiving a free e-newsletter.  The newsletter will be customized to your programming interests and you will only receive news relating to your preferences.  A Channel Guide is provided which is neat and organized for you to quickly find all of your channels.  A free app or online media player is available for subscribers to use with their mobile devices or laptops or tablets by simply entering their username and password to enjoy SiriusXM.

For customers who are interested in pricing and the types of packages that are available visit the All Access site and view Our Most Popular Packages under the Subscriptions section.  There are three selections available to choose from which are XM Select for $14.99/per month, XM All Access for $18.99/per month, and XM Mostly Music for $9.99/per month.  XM All Access is promoted as the best deal as you receive over 150 channels plus online listening.

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  1. Dolores Gutermuth

    What channels are included in the 4.99per month for 6 monthsafter trial period?

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