Rent a Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine

Are you looking to rent a good deep cleaning machine that will clean your carpets right the first time?  If you are in need then consider renting a Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine.  There are a lot of reasons why the Bissell Big Green is better than most other carpet cleaning machines but basically you will experience less hassle with these machines and they are easier to use.  Renting one is not problematic as it has been simplified for you at the Bissell Rental website which allows you to search for a rental location in your area and download your rental agreement in advance to save you time.

After you have downloaded the rental agreement and completed it then you can visit the rental location and the service clerk will complete the process on their end.  The equipment can be rented for up to 48 hours or depending on the rental options the location offers.  Some of the locations that rent out the Bissell Big Green are stores like Lowes, Meijer, Ace Hardware, Do It Best Hardware, Fred’s Super Dollar, etc.  You can check out a list of the stores on the Bissell Rental site.

The prices to rent a Bissell carpet cleaner start at $24.99 for a 24 hour rental and $34.99 for a 48 hour rental.  These are base prices but they may vary depending on the location.  If you are looking to save money on the rental costs please take advantage of the coupons which are available on the website.  They have two types of printable coupons for customers to use which are a $5 and $10 discount.  They have specified days of the week they are only valid on so be sure to use them on those days.

If you have questions or concerns about how the carpet cleaner works just take time to browse the help sections on the Bissell Rental website which offers cleaning tips and How to videos.  You want to be sure you fully understand how to utilize this equipment to its fullest potential before you decide to rent it out and start cleaning.


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