Review of Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System

If you’re suffering from carpet that is dingy and dirty but can’t find the right carpet cleaner to restore them back to normal consider the new Shark Sonic Duo Cleaning System.  It is designed with its fast moving cleaning pads to scrub the dirt away not only on your carpets but on your hard surface floors too.  This cleaner specifically targets the tough areas of your floors where dirt seems impossible to remove.

The awesome feature with the Shark Sonic Duo is its scrubbing action.  It scrubs your floors at a rate of 1000 scrubs per minute removing all of the surface dirt and stuck on dirt intertwined in your carpets.  It tag teams with Shark’s very own no rinse cleaner fluid that helps the high speed cleaner pads break up the dirt.

Another attraction of the Shark Duo is its Airglide Maneuverability.  It easily glides across your carpet or floors without needing to be pushed and tugged.  It works fast and only requires you to maneuver it where it needs to go.

What comes with the Shark Sonic Duo?  It comes with as a starter kit including the actual Sonic Duo, 8oz Low Moisture-No Rinse-Carpet Cleaner, 16oz Wood & Hard Floor Polish, 10oz Activating Pretreater Carpet Stain & Odor Remover, Reusable Carpet cleaning pad, Reusable carpet scrub n stain removal pad, Reusable hard floor polishing pad, and 2 reusable bottles.


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