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If you are in the market for a new vehicle consider using Magazine to start your search.  It is a full-service vehicle search engine that will find you the type of vehicle you are looking for within your price range.  The site has a huge list of cars in their inventory from various people selling.  Getting started with the site is very simple as all you need to do is to fill in your vehicle specs and it will begin searching the online inventory for any vehicles that meet your requirements.

You will receive a listing of vehicles that provides a general overview of the car’s condition along with their price.  The option to contact the seller is to the left of the screen under the vehicle’s picture.  If you like the car that is presented to you and would like to inquire more about the vehicle you can simply utilize the contact information in the Contact Details section and give the seller a call.  Their phone number and email address is present for you to see.

Another useful feature when searching for vehicles on this site is the use of the shortlist.  This feature will keep you organized as you find vehicles you’re interested in but are not 100% sure about.  You can add them to your shortlist for later viewing and easy finding.

The MyAutoPlus website is a great starting point for buyers and sellers.  It’s another avenue where you can possibly find a great deal on a particular car you’re interested in and preferably work directly with the seller.  You may receive a better deal this way than dealing with a typical car dealership.  If you are interested in searching the sites inventory please click HERE.


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