Sign Up For 500 Bonus Reward Points

If you are already a Dillard’s Rewards Cardmember and want to be rewarded with an additional 500 bonus reward points consider signing up for the Dillard’s First To Know program.  This program allows you to receive special card offers and exclusive deals just for signing up.  You are basically signing up for an exclusive email list with the retailer and whenever they have special promotions you will be the first to know.  All promotions will arrive to your email address.

Before you can be eligible for this program you will need to have one of the following cards already: Dillard’s Rewards, Dillard’s Rewards American Express, Dillard’s Elite Rewards, or Dillard’s Elite Rewards American Express.  It is only for card members, if you are not a card member you will not be able to join the program.

The First to Know program is currently going on right now and cardholders can sign up for the free additional bonus points by visiting HERE!  It is a simple process to signing up and does not require anything on your part.  You will need to complete the online form which requires your name, last 4 digits of your account, zip code, and email address.

After signing up it will take roughly 2 billing cycles before your 500 bonus points will show up inside your account.  Once they appear you can use them anyway you desire as it adds to your current rewards balance.


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