Simoniz My Cleaning Secret Solution

Simoniz My Cleaning Secret Solution is an all purpose cleaning product that customers have discovered can clean nearly anything in their homes.  It is great for pots and pans but also extends to the oven, sinks, shower, fixtures, tire rims, barbecue grill, or anything that collects rust.  Whatever needs cleaning in your home Simoniz Cleaning Solution can wipe away the dust and crud and make anything look brand new again.

The ingredients that makeup Simoniz aren’t harsh enough to leave what you’re cleaning tarnished or scratched.  You also don’t have to worry about inhaling dangerous fumes or wearing rubber gloves.  The formula is safe to use and very effective in cleaning up messes or caked on dirt and will have the area you’re cleaning looking new again.  The solution is easy to use requiring only a small application of the product on the cleaning surface and then with a cleaning pad just wipe away the excess.  The restoration process will take place right before your eyes.

Simoniz is affordable to purchase only costing $9.95 and comes in a tub.  Along with your order you will receive a double sided cleaning pad.  Currently the order site is offering new customers the opportunity to take advantage of a double offer which includes an additional tub of Simoniz and a 2nd double sided cleaning pad.  The double sided cleaning pad is made of microfiber that is soft on one side and a scrubber on the other side.  This product is only sold online and is not sold in stores so take advantage of the opportunity to order online at

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