Straight N Go Fast Hair Straightening Brush

Women are always looking for a product that will straighten their hair faster and easier than the traditional methods they’re using now such as flat irons or round brushes.  These methods take a lot of time and can potentially damage your hair.  Achieving that straight hair look right in the comfort of your home is now possible with the Straight N Go Hair Straightening Brush.  This product is designed to straighten frizzy hair faster than ever and give you salon-like results.

Straight N Go is an actual hair brush that is used with a hair dryer.  The brush utilizes dual sided ceramic plates which retain heat from your hair dryer.  While using the brush with a blow dryer the heat from the dryer blows through your hair including the vented design on the brush helping your hair to dry faster.    As the bristles on the brush comb through your hair you’ll notice how your hair easily begins to straighten while the frizziness goes away.  It is a smooth transition in the look and feel of your hair.

If you’re curious about the results of Straight N Go then check out the before and after pictures on the order website.  Customers can order their very own brush for $14.99 and if you’d like to receive a 2nd brush there is an additional $10 charge.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee just for customers to try the product and if you aren’t satisfied with the product you can return it for a complete refund.

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