Student Email Login for Rasmussen College

Students of Rasmussen College can utilize the Rasmussen Community web portal as their main access point to their student profile and online school resources.  To login students will simply need to use their school’s email address and password.  Any problems they may have with logging in can be directed to the Personal Support Center at 1-866-693-2211.

Once logged in to the school’s network students will have access to many online resources that Rasmussen College has made available to them.  The online portal is very popular for students who want to access to their online classes and to check their student email account.  There are two email accounts that students need access to which are the student email and Course Mail.  The Course Mail is found in the online classroom under “My Online Courses” while the student email is in the Student Email/Web Mail section.

The best way to navigate the student portal is by using the Campus Tools section on the left side of the screen.  It will direct you to every online service available to students.  Students who want to view their current class load can click “My Online Courses.”  Other services offered are “Confirm My Schedule” which allows students to view their course schedule.  There are other options such as making online payments, typing tutorial, ordering cap & gown, connect with the library, and more.  Everything in the student portal is easy to follow and very conveniently organized for students.


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