Student Login for West Coast Bible College

Students and faculty of West Coast Christian College can login to their school accounts via the CampusVue Portal.  There are individual links for each member (student or faculty) on the site which will direct the user to the appropriate homepage.  There is also a link available for anyone interested in receiving more information about the college to complete an online student application afterwards a school representative will give you a call back.

Both the student and faculty homepage requires a username and password for access.  If you have forgotten your login credentials consider as your first step to use the “Forgot your password” option.  You will need to at least know your username and email address in order to retrieve your password or reset it.  If this option does not help then contact your school administrator for assistance.

Attending West Coast Christian College is a way for students to receive a great education as well as build a good foundation in their Christian walk.  The learning environment there at the school is fostered by faculty with a combined 1,000 hours of ministry experience.

For students who are still in high school who are interested in attending WCCC they can take advantage of the Fast Start West Coast Online Education.  This program allows high school seniors students to earn up to 9 college credits while still in high school.  They will take 3 classes worth 3 credit hours each online which consists of video lectures.  The classes are 101 Old Testament Survey, 102 New Testament Survey, and 201 Life of Christ.


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