Target Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2013 HDTV Deals

If you are interested in what types of deals your local Target is offering for this year’s Black Friday shopping season then you can check out one of their Black Friday websites dedicated solely to high definition televisions.  The Target More TV site offers customers a peek of all of their HDTV deals in an online catalog.  You can easily browse through the different TV brands, sizes, and models at the site and do some comparison shopping.

To get started with the site you will need to input your city, state, or zip code which will immediately display all of the Target stores in your vicinity.  You can then select the one you are anticipating visiting on Black Friday and see what deals they are offering.  It’s probably a good idea to check out each individual store as there HDTV inventories may be different.

All of the items listed in the catalog will only be available starting at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day.  Remember Target will be opening early on Thanksgiving Day in advance of Black Friday.  In their catalog they include their inventory of HDTV’s, blue-ray disc players, flat screen wall mounts, etc.

If you pay attention to each listing you will also notice a letter assigned to each product.  There is a store map listed on the catalog page with letters showing where you will find each product inside the store.  This will help you map out the items you want to purchase before you visit the store on Thanksgiving Day.

There aren’t any prices listed with each HDTV that is on display.  The prices will be released on November 28, 2013.  You will need to be checking the website all day on that Thursday for price updates.  Don’t forget this website as it will save you time and potentially money as you will know what price to pay and where exactly in the store you can find your HDTV.


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