Time Warner Homepage for Kansas City Subscribers

All Kansas City Time Warner Road Runner subscribers have the option of making Road Runner their homepage.  The homepage is constantly updated with the latest news that is taking place right now in the world.  Why not make this the first think you see when you logon to the internet?  It easily replaces your local newspaper and with the touch of your mouse you can be directed to the biggest new stories from every major news outlet online.

The homepage is always interesting as it’s filled with pictures, videos, and news headlines that you want to read.  Because the average Road Runner customer spends a lot of time on the internet they are more accustomed to receiving the majority of their news and information there anyways compared to watching television news.  This is how the Road Runner homepage benefits subscribers because it’s literally an online newspaper except more interesting with the collection of pictures and videos.

With the click of your mouse compared to clicking your television remote control subscribers can select the news they want to read about instead of waiting until the top of the hour to watch news they just missed.  You won’t miss anything on your homepage.  You can read about what’s going on in the world of sports, entertainment, politics, finance, and more.  It is a family oriented site that has news of interest for the adults and lots of videos and games for the kids.  Make Road Runner your homepage today.


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