Try Before You Buy Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

If your carpets are in need of a good cleaning Rug Doctor is allowing new customers to take advantage of a 30 day in home trial for an initial $29.99 fee.  Rug Doctor is the leader in do it yourself carpet cleaning and most of us have at one time or another rented a Rug Doctor to clean our carpets.  Now is your opportunity to try one for 30 days and if you like keep it and pay the affordable $59.99 monthly payments spread out over the next 5 months.  This is your opportunity to put an end to renting a unit and invest in your very own.

This particular offer is only available online so customers will need to visit the Rug Doctor website and make your purchase from there.  Included in the offer is a 40 ounce bottle of Professional OxySteam, 24 ounce bottle of Platinum Spot & Stain Trigger, $30 in coupons, and a 3 year extended warranty.

Customers who are also interested in a good spot cleaner should consider the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner.  It is also available online for the $29.95 in home trial offer and after using the product for 30 days customers can follow a 3 month payment plan of $46.65 per month.  The Spot Cleaner comes with an 8 ounce trial size cleaning solution, Spot Finder Black Light, Fur Remover Brush, 1 year Extended Warranty, and $20 in coupons.

If you are curious about how well the Rug Doctor Deep Cleaner and Portable Spot Cleaner work visit the Review section of the order site and read what past customers have to say about their experiences using their cleaner.  Another online source for honest reviews is to visit and perform a search for these two products and check out their customer review section.

When you order the Rug Doctor and it arrives to your home you will find after unboxing the cleaner it is fully functional and ready to use right out of the box.  There is no need to assemble any parts or put the cleaner together.  It is ready to plug in and begin deep cleaning as soon as you receive it.  Any questions you may have about your order can be answered at the order site by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions section or by referencing the instructional manual which is available for download.

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