Try Dr. Dennis Black Texas Superfood Powder

Are you looking for a healthy nutritious supplement that will ensure you’re receiving your daily intake of fruits and vegetables?  Most people believe the food they’re eating everyday doesn’t have enough nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy.  For this reason people are turning to supplement products such as NuPlexa’s Texas Superfood formulated by Dr. Dennis Black.

Texas Superfood is a green drink supplement that contains 55 naturally grown raw fruits, vegetables, and algae/grasses.  It is a whole food nutritional supplement that can take the place of your current supplements/vitamins that you take on a daily basis.  It already has everything needed to provide your body with the perfect blend of nutrition.

The key to this products success is all of its components are naturally grown free from toxic chemicals and additives.  It is also manufactured within the United States while many of the fruits and vegetables that are used in the formula are grown from local farms that hold an organic certification.  Customers of the Texas Superfood can also take relief in the fact that there are no GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) in the product.

To encourage new customers to try the product the company is offering a 30 day money back guarantee with each order.  At their website located at customers can browse their online catalog of single capsules or powder form packages.  There are also size offerings for an entire family available.  Free shipping is available for product orders over $100.

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