Try Metabolic AfterShock 15 Minute Workout

Most people have associated spending an hour or more at the gym as the only way to getting into great shape but new exercise programs are popping up every day showing how you can get an equally effective workout in less time.  Metabolick AfterShock is one of those shorter workout programs that utilizes a revolutionary exercise technique called “Rest-based Training” meaning you push yourself as hard as you can until you’re forced to rest then rest long enough until you can push yourself hard to peak performance again.

This type of workout performance produces a Metabolic Aftershock that stimulates and increases your metabolism to burn fat long after your workout has ended.  Results show that your metabolism will be stimulated up to 48 hours later which means you’re continuously burning fat.  You won’t need to add any weights or fancy equipment to this workout as all you need is to follow the 15 minute DVD’s at 3 times a week.

There are 3 phases to this program to get your body working smarter and not harder which are:

  • Create the Spark – full body movements and special metabolic finishers
  • Light the Fire – increases fat burning by focusing on toning, tightening, and shaping muscle
  • Fan the Flames – advanced body movements for maximum fat burning hormones

What is included in Metabolic AfterShock?  This program consists of five 15 minute DVD’s, Step by Step Metabolic Blueprint, Body Transformation Tracker, Personal Weight Loss Plateau Busters, and bonus gifts (The Truth About Belly Fat Loss, Fat Torching Burnout, Rapid Results Quick Start Guide, and 24×7 Live Support).

The entire workout is available for instant download immediately upon submitting your order.  There is no need to wait for it to arrive in the mail.  It is available for 4 payments of $39.95 with a 60 day money back guarantee.

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