Tummy Stuffers Stuffed Animals For Kids

If you want to teach your young kids how to clean up and store things in their room away a fun idea is to buy them a Tummy Stuffer Stuffed Animal.  The Tummy Stuffer is a unique plus toy that kids will enjoy because not only can they cuddle with these soft furry dolls but they can stuff them full of their clothes and toys.

Kids instantly love the Tummy Stuffers because they have found a place to store all of their favorite toys and clothing items.  When they’ve stuffed their doll to capacity they can continue to use it as a soft pillow to lay their heads on.  It is very portable and can be carried anywhere including on vacations and trips.


At the Tummy Stuffer website there are six 13 inch dolls to choose from.  Let your kid select the one they like the most and it will be mailed to your home.  It is very affordable at $19.99 each and comes with a free bonus 8 inch mini Tummy Stuffer.  Get one as a holiday present for your kids today.


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