www.americanexpress.com/mysecurepaycard – AMEX Single Load Prepaid Card

The American Express Secure Pay Card is a great alternative for someone who wants to shop anywhere American Express is accepted but doesn’t want to rely on using a credit card or their bank’s debit card to make purchases.  The AMEX Single Load Prepaid Card is similar to a gift card that can be used only once particularly when you have a certain purchase or purchases you want to make.  The card comes with an expiration date (valid thru date) which details on it when the funds loaded onto the card have to be used by.

The actual card can be purchased from featured retailers nationwide including DuaneReade, Walgreens, or RiteAid.  They are conveniently located on a rack or shelf with other prepaid card options.  Customers can take the card to the cashier and inform the cashier they want to load money onto the card.  After you’ve paid the fee for the card and loaded it with money it is now ready for use.  It is not necessary to do so but some retailers may require that your card be registered when you’re preparing to make a purchase so to avoid this trouble you can call customer service on the back of the card and register the card by phone.

To check the balance on your card visit (www.americanexpress.com/mysecurepaycard) or call customer service at 1-800-297-7327.  When using your card for payment in retail shops you will need to inform the cashier that it is a gift card in order for the card to process appropriately.  Certain smaller merchants such as a hair salon or restaurant may require authorization on the card in the amount up to 20% in addition to the total bill.  You will need to be aware of potential extra charges being added to your bill because of the use of this card.  

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