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Shark has an offer for customers to purchase their newest vacuum cleaner, the Shark Apex DuoClean with Zero M technology.  This vacuum has all of the popular Shark features but utilizes a new Zero M system which is a self-cleaning brushroll that keeps dirt and hair from wrapping around the brushroll. 

Buy Apex Zero M As Seen On TV

Most customers interested in this vacuum first discovered via a Shark infomercial.  Here is a breakdown of the Buy Apex Zero M as seen on TV offer:


What You Get:

  • Duoclean technology
  • Zero-M cleaner head
  • 12” cleaner head
  • Upholstery tool
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • 5 year VIP warranty
  • Bonus gift – Multiflex Under-appliance Wand
  • Free shipping


Websnips.net Recommendations

This product is available on Amazon and is an Amazon’s Choice product with high ratings – 68% of customers gave it 5 stars and there’s lots of questions answered thereread customer reviews!!

Price:  Pay in full $299.40 OR take advantage of a $25 monthly payment plan with details on the buyapexzerom.com website.

Shark Apex DuoClean Zero M Features

Shark is a very popular brand in vacuums and they’re continually making significant upgrades to provide the user with a better vacuuming experience.  There are always one or two new conveniences that are added into the design of their latest vacuum release. Here is a breakdown of the technology included in the Shark Apex Duoclean Zero M.

Dual Brushroll System

This technology is an innovative brushroll design that will transition between hard surface floors and carpets.  It deep cleans carpets and gives hard surface floors a polished look.  

Duoclean Technology

This is perhaps where the versatility of the Zero M vacuum comes into play as it utilizes the dual brushrolls to pickup large, small, and stuck on dirt particles.  There is no need to worry about spills and whether or not the vacuum will pick up these messes. It is designed to pick up large particle messes without spreading it around.

Deep Cleaning

The signature feature with all Shark vacuums is their deep cleaning capabilities.  Shark is known for deep cleaning carpets.

Zero-M Self Cleaning Brushroll

This feature delivers non-stop hair removal by keeping long and short hair from tangling around the brushroll.  There is no tangling or hair wrap anymore with this feature.

Anti-allergen Complete Seal

You don’t have to worry about dust particles being released back into your home environment due to improper sealing.  The Shark Duoclean Zero M has an anti-allergen complete seal that captures and traps 99.9% of dust and particles (pollens/bacteria).

LED Headlighting

LED headlights are installed in the design on the front of the vacuum so you can see clearly in dark spaces and spotlighting hidden debris.

Shark Vacuum Innovative Ways To Clean

There are 3 innovative ways for the Shark Duoclean advertised at buyapexzerom.com to clean your home.  Each way has it’s advantages that are designed to make cleaning your home easier.

Powered Lift-Away Feature

The canister on the upright vacuum is detachable allowing you to reach under furniture and above floor areas with the push of a button.

Above Floor Cleaning

With the canister detached from the upright vacuum you can clean hard to reach areas above the floor including furniture, window, curtains, and other areas above the floor.

Upright Mode

The regular way the vacuum is used is in the upright mode which allows you to deep clean your carpets and easily maneuver around stationary objects.




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