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The 2015 NBA season has begun and loyal fans of the Association have the opportunity to gain access to up to 40 professional basketball games per week.  Not only is this the best option to follow your favorite NBA team for the entire 2015 season but you can also check out their rivals from the Eastern and Western Conferences.  Fans don’t have to simply depend on ESPN or TNT to televise games a few times a week but can have access to all the games every single night of the season.

Through NBA League Pass fans will have a digital subscription to NBA regular season games that are played outside of your market and all over the country.  If you already have cable then you’re aware of the channels designated for NBA games that are always turned off from viewing but with a subscription to NBA League Pass you can turn those extra channels on and watch the games that are scheduled to play every night.  

Fans interested in trying out NBA League Pass for this season can visit (www.getbasketball.com) and order their subscription.  The cost to view the entire NBA regular season is 4 payments of $49.75.  Customers can call their local cable provider to order the service or call 1-888-SPORTS-IN.  The requirements for ordering NBA League Pass is you must already have a cable subscription which comes with a digital cable box.

There are some highlights of the service which are customers will be able to watch all the games airing on the service on the Mosaic channel.  There will be dual feeds of each game allowing subscribers to select their favorite hometown announcers.  All games will be replayed the following day just in case you missed it live.  

From the beginning of the season until November 3, 2015 viewers will have a free pass to watch NBA League pass.  You will have access to all the games but the service will discontinue after the 3rd of November so you’ll want to become a subscriber before the deadline ends.

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