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If you’re a person that likes to collect Presidential memorabilia then the Trumpy Bear that’s being advertised on TV and online at www.thetrumpybear.com may be a gift you’re interested in.  

The Trumpy Bear is a resemblance of our President Donald Trump naturally with the blond combover hair and cuffs.  It’s a 22-inch stuffed bear that is not a spoof but an actual real product people can purchase.  

The Trumpy Bear As Seen On TV

If you’ve seen the popular infomercial here is how you can get your own bear and understand this is not sold in stores:

The Trumpy Bear is available at Amazon but is priced a little higher than at the order website.  It’s still great to go there and read the customer reviews, they’re hilarious. A suggestion for other Trump memorabilia you may be interested in is the Trump Bobbleheadclick here!!


What it comes with?

  • 22 inch tall stuffed bear
  • 28×30 inch American flag blanket that can be stored in a zipped pouch inside Trumpy bear himself
  • Includes certificate of authenticity confirming you own an original Trumpy Bear
  • 30 day money back guarantee 

Trumpy Bear Costs 

  • 1 payment of $39.90
  • 2 payments of $19.95
  • $6.95 shipping and handling charges 

Highlights of The Trumpy Bear

The Trumpy Bear is a spoof of our 45th President.  There are 2 distinct quotes the infomercial uses to describe the bear at thetrumpybear.com:

  • The fearless, super-plush American grizzly
  • Even the toughest guys will love Trumpy Bear

It’s a doll that is not just for women but men will get a kick out of owning.  They can bring the doll out on days they want to show their patriotism.

Bear has a zippered neck where the blanket is stored.

Notice the blond combover resembling President Trump including the corporate outfit of the President donned with red tie, cuffs, cuff links, and collars.

The puckered lips may be from the impression that Alec Baldwin does of Trump when impersonating him on Saturday Night Live.

The thick eyebrows are also signature as well.



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