www.transact711.com/activate – Transact 7-Eleven Card

Consumers that have received a Transact Prepaid Mastercard by 7-Eleven can activate their new card online at www.transact711.com/activate.  A Trans@ct Prepaid card is an alternative to a checking account and/or bank debit card.  Many of the same features available with Continue reading www.transact711.com/activate – Transact 7-Eleven Card

Bbvacompass.com/go/clearpointscard – Apply Online

BBVA Compass ClearPoints Pre-Qualified Consumers that received a BBVA Compass ClearPoints Pre-Qualified Credit Card offer in the mail or email can visit bbvacompass.com/go/clearpointscard to apply online.  The offer comes with an expiration date and consumers will need to apply before Continue reading Bbvacompass.com/go/clearpointscard – Apply Online

Calista Tools Heated Paddle Brush

This Calista Heated Paddle Brush review will help readers understand how the brush works and what results they should expect from it. The Calister Tools Perfecter Heated Paddle Brush is a one of a kind hair brush that is Calista’s Continue reading Calista Tools Heated Paddle Brush