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Borrowers of Seneca Mortgage Servicing can view their account information online at Seneca Customer Connection.  Seneca Customer Connection is a super easy way for customers to access their mortgage account and make payments online.  All of their account information is available inside their account for them to review anytime they desire.  Once they’ve established a User Name and Password logging in is simple and can be done from any computer or mobile device that has internet access.

Seneca Mortgage Login

seneca mortgage login

Borrowers who are new to the Seneca Customer Connection can sign up for online access by visiting ( and going through the registration process.  You will want to create a username and password that fall within the Username guidelines.  Once your account has been setup and your login credentials established you can begin signing on to your account and reviewing your confidential mortgage information.

Pay Seneca Mortgage

Online payments can be made inside your my Seneca log in.  Once logged in look for “One Time Drafting” to the left of the screen in the directory to make a manual one-time payment.  Your payments are electronically drafted from your personal checking or savings account so you will need to store your bank information inside your mortgage account.  You can continue making one-time payments every month if you choose or opt for automatic payments.  

If you want to continue making one-time payments you will need to remember your payment due date each month and be sure to make the payment prior to or on the due date.  If you opt for automatic payments you won’t have to worry about your payment due date because your payments will be automatic.  You will just need to be sure you have enough money in your bank account to cover the automatic debit on your payment due date.

Seneca Customer Connection is designed to assist customers by providing them with 24/7 access to their mortgage account.  Anytime you have questions about your mortgage you can simply login to your account and review the information available.  The Seneca Mortgage Login is a free service to users and very convenient offering all of your mortgage account information online.  When you have questions about your mortgage simply login to Seneca Customer Connection OR if you need further assistance use the Contact Us section of the Seneca Mortgage Servicing to speak with a representative.

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