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To help you get in shape while you’re sitting at your desk or watching TV the Cubii Jr As Seen On TV offer is a great product to help you achieve results.  While you’re focusing on your work or maybe watching a movie here is an opportunity to get some exercise.  

Cubii As Seen On TV

Most customers were first introduced to the Cubii through an infomercial ad that showed how Cubii works and the benefits.  Here is where it can be purchased:

What it comes with:

  • Cubii Jr
  • Free shipping
  • 30 day money back guarantee – 30 day free trial
  • Get a Cubii workout mat free
  • Keep fit while you sit


Why is the Cubii Exerciser Important?

We all know that the average person spends an inordinate amount of time sitting down.  We spend lots of time in an office chair at our desk or on the couch at home.  

When you consider this, the inventors of the Cubii Exerciser decided to create this device that would allow you to do more with your time.  They thought up an under desk elliptical that anyone could use while they sit doing whatever.

This has turned into a great idea and product that allows people, especially the elderly the opportunity to workout at home versus going to the gym.

Buycubii.com Advertised Features

What are some key features the average customer would be interested in knowing about the Cubii Cycle?

What Muscles Does Cubii Work?

The Cubii targets many muscles especially when you increase the intensity and resistance.  You will get a good workout of your abs, hamstrings, glutes, quads, and calves.  

It is very possible to get in shape while working and increase your mobility and endurance.

cubii as seen on tv

Low Level Noise

You won’t have to worry about the Cubii cycle generating a lot of noise while you’re working out and doing your work or watching TV.  As you’re paddling you’ll hear a slight whirring but nothing that will be distracting.  

When you desire to paddle faster, don’t worry, it won’t get louder to interrupt your concentration.

Low Impact Machine

If you’re someone that is dealing with sore joints, whether it’s knees or ankles this machine is worth a consideration.  Even arthritis sufferers can benefit from the Cubii.

The Cubii Exerciser is designed to be a low impact machine.  It puts no extra stress on your joints. You can use this elliptical often and not experience any aggravation in pain.  

It also works over 50% of muscle groups and expends more than 85% more energy than sitting.  Individuals needing physical therapy or rehab work will find this machine useful.  

8 Resistance Levels

To make your workouts tougher there are 8 different resistance levels to increase the intensity.  Each level will make your workout harder and with consistency you will get in shape. You will burn more calories as you exercise and burn the fat.

You can get your heart rate up by simply adjusting your resistance level and make it harder to peddle.  The more you exercise with the Cubii the more in shape you will get.

LCD Screen

Monitor your workout on the built-in LCD screen on top of the Cubii bikes.  It will indicate your RPM, calories, strides, and distance. You can see how you’re improving each day you use the machine.

Simple To Assemble

If you think putting the Cubii together will be a challenge then think again.  Out of the box you won’t have to do much to assemble the Cubii. It will take you maybe 5 minutes to have it installed and ready to go.  

Instructions come with the machine and it simply requires 4 screws.  

How Much is a Cubii Exerciser?

The QVC Cubii and the Cubii Jr TV offer prices starting at $249 for a brand new unit.  We’ve already mentioned what it comes with and it’s also advertised on Amazon. It is a little pricey and is for those that have a higher budget.

You will find that it is built well and is worth your investment if you intend on using it consistently.  

Difference Between Cubii Jr and Cubii Pro

There is an upgraded model unit called the Cubii Pro that customers can purchase from buycubii.com or Amazon.  It comes with bluetooth and a Cubii app that you can download to your smartphone or mobile devices.  All of the information that is stored on the LCD screen of the Cubii Jr bike will display via the app on your phone for the Cubii Pro.

It will show your progress and you can also join the Cubii Community and compete in groups with friends.  It syncs with Fitbit and Apple Healthkit.

Movement is something many senior citizens need to continue and with the Cubii you can get your feet, legs, and joints exercised all while sitting.



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