www.unison.com/mail-offer – Access Your Home Equity

www.unison.com/mail-offer – Access Your Home Equity

If you are looking to access your home’s equity without refinancing your home, the deal offered by Unison may be something you’d want to consider.  In exchange for a cash payment from Unison to you (based on the current equity you have in your home) you will partner with them as co-investors in your home.  They share in the future value of your home.

Unison Home Equity Highlights

  • Pay no interest
  • No monthly payments
  • No added debt

Getting Started with Unison Mail Offer

If you received an offer in the mail you can follow these steps to getting started:


After clicking the button you will receive a free estimate within seconds of your available home equity you are approved for.  This option has no impact on your credit.  They calculate the maximum amount the homeowner can access which in most situations it’s 17.5% of home’s total value.

If you are happy with the proposal you can continue on with the application process which includes setting up your online account.  All of your communications and documents will be done via your online account.

How can you use the Equity Payment?

There are a number of reasons why many homeowners would consider the offer from Unison.  Here are some ideas if you’re curious:

  • Investing
  • Home renovation
  • Pay off debt
  • Start a business
  • Make a large purchase
  • Down payment

How does Unison work?

There is a term called home co-investing that typifies the Unision homeowner program.  Unison allows you to access your home’s equity without taking out a loan – more at unison.com/mail-offer .  If you have positive equity in your home they give you cash in exchange for a percentage share of your home’s future appreciation.  What you can look forward to in the agreement in comparison to a traditional refinancing is:

  • no debt 
  • no interest
  • no monthly payments

This is the first of this kind of investment that is being made available for everyday people.

What is needed to qualify with Unison?

  • At least 620 FICO score
  • A soft pull of your credit is performed
  • Depending on your credit score your loan to value and debt to income guidelines vary
  • If you have excellent credit you can have a maximum loan to value of 75%.  

Who is Unison?

Unison is a San Francisco based company that is pioneering a smarter, better way to own your home.  Through home co-investments, Unison helps homeowners access their equity flexibly with no monthly payments or interest.

Contact Customer Service

Call 1-855-930-5770



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