How To Activate Paypal Mastercard

Have you recently ordered a new Paypal card?  Depending on whether or not you are trying to activate your first Paypal card or if you’re replacing one that was stolen or lost activating the card is very similar online.  The first step after receiving your new card in the mail is to throw away the old card if you have it.  Paypal has a new card activation website that will turn on your new card so you can begin using it.

The website is very simple to use as cardholders need to input a few details about their new card and within seconds it is activated and ready for use.  On the back of your card there will be instructions showing you how to turn on your new card via the internet or through a phone number.  You will need to input when asked your card number, create a PIN number, and input the security code on the back of your card.

If you need to make any changes afterwards to your card those changes can be done by simply logging into your Paypal account.  You can request additional cards, change your payment backup method, change your PIN number, updated your address, monitor your transactions and spending limits, etc.  This is a handy card for anyone who uses their Paypal account a lot.


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