– Pay Your Unpaid Traffic Tolls Online

Unpaid Toll Notice’s and Unpaid Traffic Citations for the Central Florida area can be paid online at the payment site of Central Florida Expressway Authority.

Login to EPass CFXWay Pay Tolls

If you’ve recently received in the mail a Uniform Traffic Citation or Unpaid Toll Notice from Central Florida Expressway Authority visit my epass account to resolve your payment issue.  The site is an online payment site that allows users to make a one-time payment using their credit card or bank debit card for payment.  The epass cfxway pay tolls website is a convenient service for users to utilize but they can also submit their payment by mail according to the payment slip that came with the notice.
cfxway pay tolls

When deciding to submit a payment online users will need to know the site will not accept payments from epass pay toll violations that are past due and headed scheduled for court.  This is why it is important to pay your unpaid toll notice as soon as you are notified that you have a debt to pay.  It’s easy to forget and when you do decide to make a payment the online site won’t accept the payment because the time allotted to pay online has expired.

How to use My CFXWay Pay Tolls Account?

Users will need to visit the Central Florida Expressway Pay Toll site.  At the site it is necessary to have your citation/notice number in hand along with your license plate number as well.  You will enter this information in the appropriate fields and click Enter.  Once your citation/notice is found in the system it will display your balance owed and your available payment methods.  Payments can be made by credit or debit card.

Once your payment has been accepted it may take a few days for this information to be processed in the system and your balance voided out.  It is important that your citation is paid prior to the due date on your notice.  You want to make sure you don’t get penalized for not paying on time or not paying at all.  The penalty for unpaid tolls can be your registration placed on hold until you’ve made your citation payment.

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