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Military Star credit cardholders that participate in the Military Star Exchange Credit Program can access their account 24 hours a day 7 days a week online.  The MYECP website is a free service for members allowing them to use their MyECP login to sign on their account and manage their credit card information.  They can monitor their credit limit, recent and past transactions, rewards points, make changes to their account profile, submit payments, etc.  Cardholders can also access their account while on the go via their mobile devices or smartphones.

MyECP Account Login

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New cardholders or first time users of the online Exchange Credit Program can sign up for use at ( by selecting the “New to MyECP?  Please register here” button.  The registration process allows you to create your online profile and setup your account.  Once you’ve completed the registration including creating your login credentials along with establishing your security questions then you can get started signing on to your account.

Now that your account has been setup for online use you can begin monitoring all of your account information anytime.  There is no need to depend on monthly statements to know your account balance or recent transactions.  All of this information is on display every time you login.  Having the freedom to access your account online is a great way to manage your account and stay on top of your finances.

Military Star Card Payment

myecp account login

There are 3 ways Military Star members can submit a payment on their credit account:  Members can pay via their MYECP account, pay via telephone by calling the Exchange Credit Program Call Center at 1-877-891-7827, or mail in their payment to:  The Exchange, PO Box  740890, Cincinnati, OH  45274-0890.

Members that choose to use the MYECP exchange service to make their payments can use the ACH payment feature that automatically deducts your monthly payment from your bank account.  There is a feature to setup recurring ACH payments for members which will schedule your payments to be made on a certain day weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

MyECP Credit Building

There are benefits to being a MYECP member and perhaps the best benefit is members can build or rebuild their credit score.  Using the card regularly is a great way to affect your credit score in a positive way.  Cardholders with a low credit score that keep their account in good standing will only see their credit score increase.

Some ways to improve on your credit score with the Military Star credit card is to pay your bills as scheduled by the payment due date every month.  Try to keep your balances on your credit card low and if necessary pay more than the minimum balance owed or pay the card off each month.

Always keep tabs on your credit report by checking it at least once a year.  Most credit card issuers provide cardholders with a free credit report they can view as a member or users can sign up with a site like Credit Karma to monitor their credit score and any changes in their credit history.

Military Star Card Highlights

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With each purchase members will earn 2 points for every dollar they spend shopping at exchange facilities, Armed Forces Recreation Center resort hotels, at,, Army and Air Force Exchange Service food courts, Express locations, mall vendors, etc.

After earning 2,000 points members will qualify for a $20 Military Star rewards card that can be cashed in for merchandise/services where gift cards are accepted.  There is an unlimited number of cards members can earn throughout a year.

The Military Star card also comes with no annual fees or late fees, free standard shipping on and purchases.  Gas discounts of 5 cents per gallon on fuel applies each day as well along with a 10% food court discount.  Login to your account at and monitor your transactions, pay your bill online, and make edits to your personal information.

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