SonicShield Anti-Mosquito Wristband Reviews

As the summer approaches and temperatures increase so does the mosquito population and their aggravation.  Protecting yourself from these pesky bugs and the irritating bites and sometimes diseases they carry is so important.

Most consumers are not satisfied with the type of mosquito repellent devices, sprays, or bug zappers on the market.  They want something better, smarter, such as this SonicShield Anti-Mosquito Wristband reviews.

SonicShield Anti-Mosquito Wristband Reviews

SonicShield Wearable Ultrasonic Repellent

The SonicShield Wristband is a brand new smart wearable device that is a deterrent to mosquitoes outdoors.  No more spraying yourself with harsh chemicals that we aren’t sure they’re safe or not.  No more bug zappers to ward off mosquitoes.  With the Sonic Shield mosquito bracelet you can simply wear the device like a watch and be unhampered by those pesky bugs.

Also consider popular anti-mosquito bracelets on Amazon – the RADARCAN R-100 is a popular choice.  It has over 37 reviews and 63% of customers rated the product 5 stars – click to read reviews.

How does it work?

If you’re asking yourself SonicShield wristband does it work then here’s the technology and science behind the device that is proven to produce results.  

Sonic Shield utilizes ultrasound vibrations which act as a biocontrol against mosquitoes.  Typically mosquitoes are receptive to sounds in the range of 38-44kHz.  When female mosquitoes are breeding they rely on human blood protein to assist with the maturation of the eggs they’ve laid.

On the first day of emergence the female mosquitoes can sense when the male mosquito is close by.  They sense them via the ultrasonic waves that are produced which is created at a frequency of 38kHZ.  As they sense the males approaching they attempt to avoid them to prevent mating.

The SonicShield smart wearable device mimics the ultrasonic wave sound of the male mosquito via the built in ultrasonic wave generator.  When the female picks up the signal they leave the area.

As you can see the device creates a barrier around you causing the mosquitoes to lose their ability to detect hosts protecting you from potential bites. 

Military Grade Device

The effectiveness of the Sonicshield military grade ultrasonic mosquito repellent has been tested and used by our military.  It has been used in places that have a higher incidence of malaria such as Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.  

Our military soldiers have experience wearing these wearables which employ a military grade ultrasonic technology sensor which creates the high frequency sounds.  
Also consider popular anti-mosquito bracelets on Amazon – the RADARCAN R-100 is a popular choice.  It has over 37 reviews and 63% of customers rated the product 5 stars – click to read reviews.

Pros of SonicShield 

If you’re debating if the SonicShield is for you well it’s not really a hard decision.  Just think about what you’ve been using for mosquito protection, harmful sprays that contain DEET.  Those days are over, smart technology is available now, here’s other Sonicsheild wearable ultrasonic repellent benefits to consider:

  • Sound can’t be detected by humans
  • Easy to use
  • Can be worn often and anytime
  • Does not need a plug or powersource
  • Sleek and minimal design, appears to be a smartwatch
  • Silicon strap is breathable, sturdy, waterproof
  • Does not produce any foul smell
  • Long battery life with 30 minute fast charging technology
  • Last more than 130 hours of protection for an area of 15sq feet

Instructions to Operate

Fully charge the device before use

Place it in the silicon wristband

Turn on to mode that fits your need from 3 available choices (outdoor, indoor, and silent)

Purchase Price

1 $34.95

2 $62.95

3 $88.95

In this SonicShield Anti-Mosquito Wristband Reviews we have covered many of the specs and the reason why this device works so well on mosquitoes.  It’s new to the market and it also has a 1 year warranty.

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