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The latest and greatest when it comes to “mirrors” is the Flexible Mirror by NuBrilliance.  It solves a problem that most people have struggled with for years, not having a mirror that will adjust with your face for better clarity.  

Traditional mirrors aren’t versatile enough so you can easily see and retrieve that hair in your eye, put on your makeup appropriately, do personal grooming, see spots and blemishes clearly, etc.  The Flexible Mirror offers a lot for people needing a more functional mirror.

Try Flexible Mirror As Seen On TV Deal


Customers interested in ordering the product by phone can call 1-800-513-9406.

Compare the Flex Mirror with the JiBen Flexible Gooseneck LED Lighted mirror on Amazon.com.  The JiBen has over 400 customer reviews and a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars with 76% of customers rating the mirror 5 starsclick to read reviews!

Issues With the Traditional Mirror

There are many reasons why people need a more flexible mirror like the Try Flex Mirror.  Here are some struggles people have with regular mirrors:

  • The traditional mirror is non adjustable
  • You’re limited with how close you can get to a traditional mirror due to objects in the way such as furniture or cabinets
  • With portable mirrors sometimes you need both hands for instances like putting on your contacts but your mirror isn’t capable of standing on its own
  • Always difficult to see yourself in the right lighting with a non adjustable mirror

These are just a few reasons why the design of the Try Flex mirror is so needed.  It solves problems and makes women and men’s lives a little easier.

How The Try Flex Mirror Works

flex mirror

The benefits of the Try Flexible Mirror as seen on TV is its versatility.  It is bendable, lights up, and magnifies up to 10X. Like advertised due to its design the mirror comes to you when you need an up close reflection of yourself.

All you need to do is stick it to a smooth flat surface whether horizontally or vertically by turning the base until the suction locks.  When it locks in place the mirror is secure and you can begin adjusting the mirror left, right, up, down, pull, or push towards you.

The soft glow LED light around the mirror is very useful so you can have perfect lighting when checking out your face in great detail.  It offers a 360 degree swivel with the lighting that makes it very nice to see your entire face up close and in detail.


The Try Flex Mirror is lightweight and portable.  You can pack it up and take anywhere you go. As described earlier the setup is easy and you’ll find this mirror to be very useful.  It is compact in size while not taking up too much space available at tryflexiblemirror.com.

Try Flex Mirror Highlights

The Flexible Mirror is constructed with a durable articulating arm that unlike many mirrors is resistant to fog.  It has a chrome coating on the surface which will prevent blemishes and spots on the mirror which we’re so familiar with.

What makes the mirror so flexible is the ingenious ball & socket design allowing the mirror to swivel and rotate so you can find that perfect angle for proper lighting and reduced shadows.

Perhaps the best feature with the mirror is the it’s base which is a super locking mechanism allowing the mirror to be held in place on any smooth surface.  The surface can be a table, desk, or large room mirror. It can be held horizontally or vertically.

To get the mirror to stick to a surface simply place it on the surface, turn the base clockwise until it locks.  The suction mechanism will hold it in place with a strong grip.

  • Precision crafted with 10 times magnification crystal clear optics
  • Offers high definition clarity for seeing blemishes, marks, and spots easily
  • Mirror is backlit offering better lighting
  • Eliminates shadows that may be caused by overhead lighting
  • Has contemporary chrome accent that brings a modern touch to any room

The design of the Try Flex Mirror is definitely innovative and anyone can see the many benefits in this mirror.  It can be purchased online at www.tryflexiblemirror.com or visit Amazon for competing products and pricing.  

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