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The Express Insurance Info website is designed for insurance policyholders to make regular payments on their insurance policy.  The site is managed by Brown & Brown Insurance Company and it’s a 3rd party site that collects payments from customers looking to pay their insurance policy.

Account Features

  • home insurance policy information
  • home insurance policy balance
  • make a payment online
  • review home insurance policy documents

How to Get Started with Express Insurance Info

If you have been directed to the website to make your insurance payment you can follow the brief instructions below:

*You should be able to find your 7 digit numerical code on your monthly statement.  This is needed to access the expressinsuranceinfo website.

  • click the blue Submit button


How ExpressInsuranceInfo Works?

The Expressinsuranceinfo website is a 3rd party site that collects homeowner’s insurance for their provider.  The site is easy to use and customers can find their insurance account and make their payment.  

Payments are electronically debited from your bank checking account which will require users to enter your bank routing number and your bank checking account info on the site.  

Is Expressinsuranceinfo legit?

Express Insurance Info is a legit website that provides a service to customers.  If you’ve received a bill from your insurance provider requesting you to make your insurance payment online at the expressinsuranceinfo.com website then you can be sure the site is real.

If you have concerns about the site then call your insurance provider beforehand to double check and inquire about the site.  

It is understandable that customers may have questions or think expressinsuranceinfo scam simply based on the design of their website.  If you visit the site and click the Terms of Use link you can read about the Brown & Brown Insurance company that manages the website.



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