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In this iS1 Golf Trainer review you will see how this one golf swing training aid can help improve your ball striking and add distance to all of your clubs available online at www.getis1.com.

Get is1 Golf Trainer

There’s a lot of golf swing training aids on the market that make promises of improving your overall golf game by adding distance to your drives.  The one fundamental way to add distance to your irons and driver is to hit the ball flush, in the sweet spot.  When you miss the sweet spot you lose maximum distance.  The iS1 Golf Trainer is designed to train your golf swing into hitting the sweet spot more often.

is1 golf trainer review
is1 golf trainer review

What is the is1 Golf Trainer?

The is1 Golf Trainer is a 7-iron that has angled low compression polymer inserts on the toe and heel of the 7-iron.  They are colored in red and when you hit the ball off center you will get an exaggerated hook or slice which provides immediate feedback letting you know you miss hit the ball.

A miss hit off the toe of the club will cause a hook to the right and a miss hit off the heel of the club will cause a slice.  When you make a good swing and hit the ball flush on the center face you will receive a perfect golf shot that will fly straight.  This tool is a great way to dial in your golf swing and immediately know what you did wrong causing the miss hits.

If you are looking to add 20+ yards to your golf shot and if you want to hit your shots pure the is1 Golf Trainer is definitely worth a look.  We’re all looking for that one product that we can get the most out of and this product has potential.  According to the website you’ll be able to hit the ball longer, straighter, and more consistently.  The nagging hook or slice that you think is your natural shot will go away as you practice more with the is1 Golf Trainer.

is1 Impact Slot Trainer Benefits

This is a practice club that the more you use the better you become at swinging all of your irons including your driver.  You can’t go wrong practicing with this club.  It automatically develops your own muscle memory and trains you to hit the ball dead in the center of the club face just by practicing with it.

You will learn why you slice or hook your shots with this club and make the necessary adjustments to correct your swing on the spot.  As you begin making dead center contact with your shots you will see your ball fly farther and getting you max distance.

The is1 Golf Trainer costs $118 and there is a 60 day 100% money back guarantee for customers who order online at www.getis1.com.

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