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Just for cat owners, the self-cleaning litter robot available at www.trylitterrobot.com is everything you need to automatically clean up behind your cat.  People love this product.

Try Litter Robot

Try Litter Robot

If you’re a cat owner and you’re tired of all the manual work that comes with maintaining a litter box such as scooping poop, the dreadful smell of cleaning out the litter box, and the amount of litter that you have to continually purchase, then the Self-Cleaning Litter Robot is definitely worth your consideration.

On Amazon.com the Litter Robot II has over 200 customer reviews and customers have rated the product a 4.3 out of 5 stars.  Click for Litter Robot best pricing.

We know you love your cat and any convenience to make you love your cat even more I’m sure you’re all in.  Well, the robot litter box gets rid of cleaning up behind your cat entirely.  Once you purchase this product you will drastically reduce the amount of litter you need to buy and there is nothing else needed to help this product run.  It’s a self-contained, automatic run litter box that you and your cat will love.

Litter Robot Review

Size Cat:  The Litter Robot has different units for different size cats.  The Litter Robot III Open Air is designed for all size cats, the Litter Robot II Bubble is for cats weighing less than 15 pounds, and the Litter Robot II Classic is for small to medium sized cats.

Automatic Feature:  The litter box robot uses a patented automatic sifting process using a slow rotation process with the assistance of gravity to separate the waste from the clean litter.  As your cat enters the litter box chamber it automatically senses the weight of the cat and after the cat uses the Litter Box and exits the chamber the cleaning process begins 7 minutes later.

Waist Bag:  All of the litter box waste is captured in the waist drawer at the bottom of the product and you simply remove it and dump in the trash when its full.

Smell:  To keep the smell down there is a carbon filter inside the Litter Robot that controls all odor so you won’t have a scent throughout your house.

TV Offer:  Customers who make a purchase online at the try litter robot website will receive a 90 day money back guarantee and 18 months no questions asked warranty.  The product is made in the USA.

Prices:  Litter Robot III Open Air – $449.00, Litter Robot II Bubble – $399.00, Litter Robot II Classic – $349.00

Most of the models are shipped out within 5 days but if there is a limited supply at www.trylitterrobot.com it could take longer so always consider checking out the Litter Robot Amazon product page and use your Amazon Prime membership for 2 day shipping.  Click for Litter Robot best pricing.  This product has recently sold out even on Amazon.com so be sure to check both sites inventory.

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